White, Black and Neutrals

Am dat peste acest apartament foarte frumos. Are 70 mp si este opera designerului Jacquelyn Clark. De fapt, este chiar casa ei :).  Ne putem da seama ca este casa unui designer si doar uitandu-ne la fotografii. Multi dintre noi ignoram micile detalii atunci cand ne amenajam casa, fie pentru ca nu realizam, fie pentru … Continue reading White, Black and Neutrals



I found this extremely beautiful  chair and I want to share it with you. I like that it has very clear and organic lines. K-Chair is designed by Danish Helle Damkjær for the Japanese furniture manufacturer Kitani. Source: here

Hello pretty, girly home!

I like this apartment so much and although I don't know who the owner is, I imagine a very feminine women. It looks to me like a fairytale. Ladys, I give you.... this beautiful , airy, spacious and bright apartment in Helsinki designed by Linda Bergroth (Helsinki - Paris based interior designer). Source: http://anniedecor.blogspot.ro/

Oh, hello, hello pretty home!

This is my first post and I decided to present this beautiful apartment from Croatia. A nice and airy space, with beautiful neutrals and pastels for a stunning look. Look at those details, it makes all the difference. Living Room Beside the chromatic scheme, which i love, I like the small wall gallery. Very fancy! … Continue reading Oh, hello, hello pretty home!