My wishlist is a long one, but today I'll show  a small part of  it, some items I found online and I like it so, so much. The butterfly chair  Estrellas rug Palermo Tripolina Chair All from  here 


Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are my favorite rugs since I was a little girl. Maybe because I'm romanian and I grow up with them as being a big part of our culture. I still have one handmade by my great grandmother and I can't wait to use it in my home (which is still not ready, but soon...). I … Continue reading Kilim Rugs

Stylish nautical home decor

I have this mood board in my inspirational folder for months,  because I really liked the colors palette. Now  I came across this Kika nautical collection and I  want to show you a few photos:). When I look at them, I immediately feel like I am on a sea holiday. It gives me a "get away from … Continue reading Stylish nautical home decor

Pretty, pretty home in San Fracisco

This house is made by the arhitects from Chrdauer. A warm and bright living room. I really like the floor. A nice and contemporary kitchen, and my favourite thing: the skylight window A simple, but beautiful bathroom And now the bedroom:). It's my favourite space in this house. I like the grey wall, the painting, … Continue reading Pretty, pretty home in San Fracisco

3 Gorgeous Open Spaces Ideas

This Monochrome Design by Ly Anh Thi   This grey and yellow and blue minimal design by Studio 1408 in Bucharest And this eclectic design in Tel Aviv by Pninit Sharet

Warm, Stylish Loft in Ukraine

I want to show you this apartment in Lviv, Ukraine  from the team at Grits Creative Group. This pretty home is only 40 square meters (430 square feet) but it is the proof that the right design can make  a small space functional and  stylish. I really love this warm, stylish, eclectic loft and the only thing … Continue reading Warm, Stylish Loft in Ukraine