Mid Century Love

Suntem in 2015, dar stilul mid century (anii 50) revine in forta.  Aceasta este o noua lectie despre cum lucrurile  simple si de calitate nu  se demodeaza niciodata.:)

Noul mid century (modern mid century), reprezinta un design curat si sofisticat , cu linii drepte si simple. Lemnul si culorile vii sunt in prim plan.

Eu am am o comoda de prin anii 50-60, pe care vreau sa o pun in hol, si careia trebuie sa-i fac o restaurare completa,  asa ca am inceput sa caut inspiratie. Comoda mea este intr-o stare destul de proasta, asa ca cred ca o voi vopsi pe toata neagra. Stiu ca asta nu este tocmai in stilul pur mid century, dar, hey, acesta este modern mid century, ne permitem sa schimbam putin.

Am gasit o gramada de inspiratie online si va las si pe voi sa vedeti aceste imagini, poate, cine stie, va hotarati sa dati o noua sansa comodei din casa bunicii.

We’re on 2015 and the mid century style si “the new black”. this is a lesson about how simple and quality things are never getting old.

the new mid century, modern mid century is clean yet sophisticated design, with straight and simple lines . the wood and bright colours are the most important part of it.

I have an old dresser, from ’50 -’60 and it’s in a ppretty dammaged condition, but I think about repainted it. I think it will become black. I know is not the pure midcentury stile, but, hey, it’s a modern misd century and we can change a little.

I’ve find a lot of inspiration online, and I leave this photos here, maybe you will find a new use for the old dresser on your grand mother house.



mid_century_dresser_colorful_decormid_century_dresser_grey_and _whitemid_century_dresser_repainted_yellow



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