Saddle Chair

I’ve discovered this  Norwegian design chair. It’s called  Saddle Chair and it’s designed by Norwegian Christoffer Angell, Øyvind Wyller & Simen Aarseth.

The cushions of the Saddle chair drape over both sides, forming flaps that look similar to horse-riding gear and it has pockets for slim object.Saddle-chair-by-Angell-Wyller-and-Aerseth-at-100-percent-Norway_dezeen_468_0 Saddle-chair-by-Angell-Wyller-and-Aerseth-at-100-percent-Norway_dezeen_468_5 Saddle-chair-by-Angell-Wyller-and-Aerseth-at-100-percent-Norway_dezeen_468_7Saddle-chair-by-Angell-Wyller-and-Aerseth-at-100-percent-Norway_dezeen_784_1-750x536 Saddle-chair-by-Angell-Wyller-and-Aerseth-at-100-percent-Norway_dezeen_784_2-750x536 Saddle-chair-by-Angell-Wyller-and-Aerseth-at-100-percent-Norway_dezeen_784_3 scaun sa

It’s simply gorgeous and now it’s on my wish list. 🙂

Source: here


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