Scandinavian interior Design

I guess many of you are familiar with the Scandinavian interior design style. I really love it and I think  is so easy to achieve  if you know what are the characteristic of this style.

But, when I first discover this design, I was thinking “it’s a lot of white, a lot of grey, I don’t know if I like it”. After that, I realized that Scandinavian style have a lot of color. The white and grey is only the base, and the great thing is that those colors are matching with everything else. You can customize it to your taste.

Another important element in the Scandinavian design is the wood. . I’ve seen white floor and wooden color floor and I think I like the second option better. It brings peace, warm and a little bit of nature in your home:).

Another key word is symmetry. Everything has to be placed symmetrically, to make it feel like every object, big or small, has its place.

The Scandinavian interior design it’s all about simplicity and tidiness, and I think that’s why I love it so much.

Dining table

scandinavian dining table

Design by Orlando  Soria , Photographs by Tessa Neustadt

I like everything in this photo, especially the Eames DSW and DAW chairs.


scandinavian bathroom

Design by Birgitte S. Skjerven , Photo: Inger Marie Grini

A white, simple and beautiful bathroom.


scandinavian bedroom yellow nightstand

Photography by Virginia Macdonald

I have to be honest, in this photo, the dog is my favorite thing:)))

Living room

scandinavian living room

Found on:

A  monochrome look with a little sunny yellow  makes a really nice living room.

Hope you’ll like it!


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